Robot in the shape of birds .. New Chinese tools to spy on the world

China spies on the world with "robotic" birds

In a report published by the South Morning Post, that China is spying on its people with high-tech UAVs resembling real birds, to the point that real birds fly on its side. The report revealed the flight of spyware launched by more than 30 government agencies and military, in the sky, It is equipped with a camera, a positioning antenna and a data link to communicate. According to reports, robotic birds are very calm and highly disguised movements, difficult to detect from the ground. Although technology is used in 5 provinces.
The agencies have focused spy birds on the western Xinjiang Autonomous Region, which borders the country with Russia, India and Afghanistan. Bird use is not widespread, but scientists believe it will be widely used in the future because of its unique advantages in both sectors Military and civilian.
“Yang Wenqing, an associate professor of aviation science, said:
“In addition to military applications, technology can help respond to emergencies, disaster relief teams, and even help with urban planning.”
This is not the first time that armies have resorted to the kingdom of animals for inspiration. The United States has used trained grooms, cats and pigeons to spy on its enemies during the Cold War.


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